ArcTanGent announcement!!!!

Fresh from winning the Best Small Festival at the UK Festival Awards, ArcTanGent Festival is excited to announce the first 39 bands for 2019. 

“Festival organisers always say it is their best line up ever. Well, this is our best line up ever! I really think people will be blown away by these 39 bands and there is much more to come let me tell you. We’ve been chasing Battles for the last seven years, so that feels like a big one for ATG and watching hem headline the Main Stage on Friday really will be something special. Personally I get very excited about bands further down the line up that people might not yet know. Check out Birds in Row, Standards and A.A.Williams for starters. I cannot wait for August!”

Full list of 39 bands for ATG announce is:
Meshuggah / Battles / Cult of Luna / Zeal & Ardor / 65daysofstatic / The Black Queen / Daughters / Caspian / The Contortionist / Three Trapped Tigers / The Algorithm / Frontierer / Conjurer / Bossk / The Physics House Band / Møl / GosT / AK/DK / Birds in Row / Car Bomb / Azusa / Pijn / Sithu Aye / LLNN / A.A.Williams / Letters From The Colony / Invalids / Standards / Collosal Squid / Aiming for Enrike / Floral / Cattle / Wild Cat Strike / Lost in the Riots / Big Lad / Voronoi / Ogives Big Band / Hexcut / Sugar Horse

Tickets are on sale now