ATG Introducing #2 : You Break You Buy

Hi guys can you tell us about “You Break, You Buy” please? 

We are an instrumental band who like to make people nod and sway. 

What are you most excited about at ArcTanGent? 

The most exciting thing about ATG is the chance to perform our music in front of a lot of people who might have never heard of us. Also a band like us don’t get to play on a big festival stage very often, so that’s pretty exciting too!

What can people expect from your set at ATG? 

Us performing material from our first two EPs in fancy festival clothes. Possibly some guitar spinning. But I might have said too much…

Any bands from your area the ATG fans should be checking out?   

We are big fans of our label mates Bearded Youth Quest and we also love Chiyoda Ku. We played gigs with both these bands and saw their sets last year at ATG and they are absolutely wicked.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have a few gigs lined up in the UK and a Dublin show we are incredibly excited about. We have also just recently started working on our next EP, so we will try to keep that moving forward too. 

What are your festival essentials?   

Given ATG’s track record, I’d say something waterproof! The first time we went to ATG we were incredibly unprepared, to the point in which our drummer got the flu. Also, booze and a big bag of…vegetables. 

When can people see you at ArcTanGent?   

We are playing on Friday the 18th, Yohkai stage at 12:45. Can’t wait for that!