ATG Introducing #3 : Hoggs Bison

Hi Guys can you introduce yourselves?

Tim – Bass. Tom – Drums. Simon – Guitar

What are you most excited about at ArcTanGent?

Tim. Hmm….possibly Tricot?

Tom. It’s so difficult to pick anything specific, ATG just has a really good vibe. Other than the obvious answer which is the music, the silent disco is always a good laugh, and I am looking forward to my annual visit to Smokin’ Hot Tamales.

Simon. All of it!

What can people expect from your set at ATG?

Tim. A lovely view of the back of my head

Tom. Some tasteful nipple exposure

Simon. Triangular Junk Rock in 5/4, 15,/4, 7/4, 6/4 …most of the low 4s…

Any bands from your area the ATG fans should be checking out?

Tim. Chiyoda Ku. All day long…..But keep half an eye open and fingers crossed for the potential emergence of Horse Meets the Skull.

Tom. Chiyoda Ku have a new album in the works, and Lambhorn released a monster album in July.

Simon. As above plus Twisted Ankle, Bellatrix Y Ori, Another Neville, also Model Boat although they’re not together any more

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have something special coming out on vinyl in September, we’ll be revealing more about it soon so keep an eye on our facebook page.

What are your festival essentials?

Tom. A selection of fine cheeses and a couple bottles of top quality port. And a caravan!

Tim. Having a copy of the clashfinder and a marker pen is always useful at ATG, and some waterproofs (they book sunshine every year but I think they always ask Tangled Hair to bring it with them)

Simon. Ears and money

When can people see you at ATG?

We’re kicking off the PX3 stage at 11AM Friday morning! We’ll be playing a special hungover set.