ATG Introducing #4 : Gilmore Trail

Hi Guys can you introduce yourselves? 

 Certainly! We are Gilmore Trail from Sheffield, an instrumental post-rock band. We have been knocking about for a few years, an EP and two albums released and plenty of live shows under our belt. Although ATG is certainly our biggest so far, naturally we are tremendously excited! 

What are you most excited about at ArcTanGent? 

 Well the line-up is wonderful as ever, between us we’ve been attending every year from the start and it’s always a highlight of the year, even though it signals the end of summer! Between us we are very excited about Converge, Boris, SikTh, Explosions In The Sky, Boss Keloid, Hark, Nordic Giants amongst others. Then there is the exceptional range of awesome food which can be found across the site. Oh, and I seriously hope they have that IPA on again, it’s a peach! 

What can people expect from your set at ATG? 

 We strive for a wide dynamic and emotional range, we certainly average a lower BPM than some of the bands on the bill, so perhaps we are the calm before the storm of the weekend (although to be fair, we throw quite a bit of storm in ourselves!) Also if you’re a fan of David Lynch and his recent return to the small screen, then please do pop along, we have something you might like! 

Any bands from your area the ATG fans should be checking out? 

Well I think we are the only Sheffield representatives this time around (hopefully more next year,
there are quite a few that would sit nicely on an ATG bill!). From neighbouring Northern cities, we
have the Mancunian band I am listening to right now, the awesome Pijn (pronounced ‘Peen’ is the last I heard?!). A fantastic post-metal band with a cracking ear for melody. Then there is the lovely a-tota-so from Nottingham, formed from the ashes of the mighty former Bixler-headliners Alright The Captain, definitely worth a watch! 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

 After playing the festival, we will be getting our heads down and continuing to work on our third
album, which we are looking to release next year. We are very excited about where we are headed with our new drummer Bob, really looking forward to unleashing the next wave; it’s been very exciting to see things grow for the band with each release. 

What are your festival essentials?

Airbed and camping chair with cup holder, two simple items that make the festival experience
luxuriously comfortable! Wet wipes for cleansing those sensitive areas. Antibacterial handwash. Oh, and for when you’re needing an energy boost, Gilmore Trail mix! (can be made to order, just get in touch) 

 When can people see you at ATG? 

 11:35am on Friday, opening the Yohkai stage. Begin your day with a dream and a bang. Be seeing you!