EARTHTONE9 release new single ‘Black Swan Roulette’

Genre-bending legends earthtone9 release third single ‘Black Swan Roulette’  

earthtone9 are hailed by those in the know as one of the most innovative, intelligent, and creatively astute bands in British metal history. Rising to prominence in the late ’90s amidst the burgeoning nu-metal scene, their sophisticated musicality and cerebral approach set them apart as a truly unique and groundbreaking force from the outset. Releasing an album annually between 1998 and 2000, starting with the meticulously crafted debut, Lo-def(inition) Discord, and culminating in the monumental Arc’tan’gent in 2000 – their prolific output matched the sheer brilliance of their music.

Now, 11 years on from their last record, the band are back with new single ‘Black Swan Roulette’ , a thrilling work of brains and muscle that not only stokes a fire, but sees the band’s core members – vocalist Karl Middleton and guitarists Owen Packard and Joe Roberts – rediscovering and reconnecting with what makes them so special.

Comments vocalist Karl Middleton on the new single, “This feels like a different kind of heaviness to the previous singles. It’s much more expansive and serpentine in structure and it winds its path in a less direct way. But the peaks and troughs carry a weight we absolutely love.” 

In Resonance Nexus is set for release 21st June via Candlelight / Spinefarm