Eat Your Own Head – The Trawler (REVIEW)

Norwich alt/noise-rock band Eat Your Own Head have unleashed their latest EP, “The Trawler” through eclectic independent label Drongo Records.

The EP kicks off with lead single “Chest Pains” an electrifying and ferocious track that epitomizes the raw, tension-filled sound fans have come to cherish. With its relentless energy and searing intensity, the song sets the tone for whats to come. “Downriver” is a testament to the band’s impressive versatility, weaving seamlessly between chaotic, razor-sharp riffs and delicate, slow-burning melodic hooks. The song crescendos to a powerful climax, with heavy guitars and vocalist Ash Woolnough screaming, “You sold yourself down the river, I’d hoped for something better”

“Hardwired” is a fiery three-minute burst of energy born out of sheer frustration. It begins with a delicate vocal intro featuring both Woolnough brothers, only to erupt into jagged, math-rock-inspired verses that hit with precision and force. Yet, it’s the title track, “Trawler” that truly steals the show. With its frenetic, explosively agitated main riff and an ever-present sense of unease, the track captures the essence of Eat Your Own Head’s unique sound.

If EYOH continue to deliver music with such intensity and innovation, they are poised to become an unstoppable force in the alt/noise-rock scene.