El Moono – The Waking Sun (REVIEW)

El Moono‘s highly anticipated debut album “The Waking Sun” crashed into our inbox this week and as long time fans of the band since first hearing their “Temple Corrupted” EP and having the band play numerous bUTTONpUSHER shows in Nottingham since then it’s safe to say we were excited to hear it.

Opening with the cosmic overture of “Dawn” the album swiftly morphs into the explosive energy of “Illusionist” delivering seismic hooks along with Zac Jackson’s vocal pyrotechnics, igniting a moshpit frenzy from the get-go, quite frankly it’s a bit of a beast!

As the album unfolds “The Waking Sun” emerges as a tour de force, melding post-hardcore ferocity with ’90s nu-metal groove, punctuated by incredible ethereal guest vocals from Leah Stanhope that soar to stratospheric heights.

Meanwhile, “The Charm” beckons with the spectral allure of Deftones, weaving intricate guitars and tender vocal refrains that linger like ghostly whispers in the night.

In “Chains” El Moono pay homage to the riff-laden legacy of Black Sabbath, injecting their own brand of sonic alchemy into the mix. “The First man on Mars” may give the impression of a light hearted track to begin with but its full of jarring and obnoxiously heavy guitar work from Jamie and Harry and relentless drumming from Chris to great effect.

Amidst all the chaos, interludes like “Orbit” offer fleeting moments of respite, while “Phantom” plunges headlong into the abyss of industrial electronic territory, channeling the primal intensity of early Nine Inch Nails in parts.

But it’s the adrenaline-fueled frenzy of “Screw Loose” that stands out from the crowd, it’s a lot more upbeat and manic than the other tracks resulting in a whirlwind of mayhem propelled by Zac’s guttural wails as the track progresses.

 “Marionettes” emerges as a beacon of exploration with its pulsating basslines and emotive vocals painting a vivid tapestry of raw emotion as Jackson roars “I’m in the palm of your hands and I am nothing”.

Culminating in the celestial balladry of “Soul Eclipse” El Moono’s debut album serves as a testament to their artistic evolution and unwavering passion as they explore new levels of heavy and create one final wall of noise before the closing strains of “Dawn” fade into the ether.

It’s clear El Moono have firmly etched their name in the UK music scene with this exceptionally strong debut album and we hope it gets the attention it deserves.

“The Waking Sun” is out on Friday 10th May 2024 via Lockjaw Records.