Enola Gay – Cold

Belfasts Enola Gay have released their new single “Cold” today. The track is a departure from their earlier more intense tracks from last year’s Casement EP as it takes a more contemplative, introspective turn which delves into themes of resilience through grief, inspired by the passing of a close friend’s younger sister.

Cold was one of the first tracks we ever wrote, written from a place of admiration for our close friend and her family. We vividly remember meeting her and the infectious energy she brought to our friend group so to discover that she had a sister, who was terminally ill, really took us back. As she and her family battled one of the most tragic experiences imaginable, their love remained fortified and their heads grounded.

Witnessing this set our adolescent self-destructive behaviour into perspective. We wrote something we hope echoes resilience through grief; that you can be bruised without being broken. A sentiment that could of easily been lost in a track of this nature however, Mount Palomar helped us resurface this through his production and suggestions when reshaping the song to what it is now. Forcing us of conscious decisions when recording with him to deliver something tender, which he could then propel to sound as confident as our heavier side.

For some time, we were all dealing with personal issues behind the scenes but that is exactly why Cold was the most appropriate track for us to record next. It reminded us that our issues weren’t as big as they seemed and because we stuck together, we surpassed them. Cold is not just a song of incomparable loss; it is about not being alone through it.