NYOS are an instrumental duo from Finland, they release their third album “Navigation” on the 29th September. We caught up with guitarist Tom Brooke ahead of the release…. 

Hi Tom, Please can you introduce the band?

Hey Marty! Nice to to talk to you… we’re NYOS, a noisy instrumental duo based in Jyväskylä, Finland!

Where does the name come from and what does it mean?

NYOS is actually a lake in Cameroon which is located in the crater of an inactive volcano… the lake is saturated with carbon dioxide due to the layers of magma below the surface and has been known to have dramatic and unpredictable eruptions of carbon dioxide… there are only three known lakes like this in the world, and it can be really dangerous. We wanted a name for the band somehow associated with nature, and its power and unpredictablity, so when we read about lake NYOS, it really hit the spot and just stuck with us…

Who are your biggest influences?

That’s always a super hard question, as we listen to all sorts of stuff and we’ve always had a pretty free approach to writing music for NYOS. Both of us are lucky enough to have jobs where we’re around music all of the time (Tuomas, the drummer works in a record store, and I’m a recording engineer), Tuomas is a big rap and pop fan but comes from the Jyväsklä punk rock scene, and I kinda tend to just immerse myself in whatever I’m recording at the time these days… So I guess in someway the variety music we come across in our daily lives is probably the biggest influencer for how we go about things.

In terms of somewhat relevant bands to NYOS, for me at least, as a reluctant guitarist, the biggest influences would be bands like Don Caballero and Battles who have kinda led the way with the possibilities of looping (a total life saver for me, musically)…

You’re releasing your third album “Navigation” in September, how was the recording process for you?

Navigation was an equally fun and painstaking album to record for us! We recorded, as with the previous albums, at my studio here in the Finnish countryside, but this time we made a real effort to be a lot more strict with both our playing, and also the sounds. We made a point to have a little more variety to the soundscapes, as the last record, Nature was intentionally recorded in quite a flowy, consistent way. We spent a lot of time tuning or even changing the drum kit to suit each song (and sometimes even half way through the track) and I spent a lot more time playing around with different effects and guitar tones than ever before!

We also decided to treat ourselves by hiring Mandy Parnell, who is an amazing engineer to master the record. She has mastered a bunch of our collective favourite albums (Björk, Go Go Penguin etc) so it was a real pleasure to have the final polish on the record done by such a pro!

Is it much different being in charge or recording your own album compared to working with a producer?

Yeah, I guess so… at least with NYOS, I’ve recorded everything we’ve done to date, so we don’t really have a comparison, but for me personally, I like the simplicity of doing things myself, these songs all have relatively weird structures, and really high track counts, due to the amount of layers and loops involved, so to not have to spend time explaining this stuff to an outsider definitely makes things easier! That being said, I don’t think we’re ruling out ever recording elsewhere, that would be a good experience too!!

Have you guys any plans to tour the record in the UK?

We have a busy Autumn/Winter ahead touring the new album! We’ll do a large European tour from late September through to mid November, and yeah as part of that we’re actually coming to the UK (my country of birth!) for the first time! We’re really looking forward to that one!

Any crazy tour stories you’d like to share?

No comment… 🙂

Where can people find out more about you guys?

You can find us on the usual internet sites, facebook, bandcamp & Instagram

Or alternatively, come say hello on one of our coming tour dates:

27.09 – Oulu, FI @ Tukikohta
28.09 – Tampere, FI @ Vastavirta
29.09 – Turku, FI @ TVO
30.09 – Seinajoki, FI @ Bar15
04.10 – Jyväskylä, FI @ Lutakko
05.10 – Helsinki, FI @ Bar Loose
06.10 – Lappeenranta, FI @ Galleria HOI SIE
07.10 – St Petersburg, RU @ Fish Fabrique Nouvelle
08.10 – Tallinn, EE @ Helikopter
09.10 – Riga, LV @ DEPO
10.10 – Vilnius, LT @ XI20  
11.10 – Budapest, HU @ Robot w/Melt Banana
12.10 – Linz, AT @ Secret Location
13.10 – Leipzig, DE @ Ex-Black Hammer
14.10 – Berlin, DE @ Schokoladen
15.10 – Nurnberg, DE @ Kunstverein
16.10 – Zurich, CH @ Boschbar
17.10 – Geneva, CH @ Urgence Disk Records
19.10 – Munich, DE @ Container Collective
20.10 – Ybbsitz, AT @ Kiwi
21.10 – Murska Soboda, SI @ MIKK
22.10 – Szeged, HU @ Grand Café
24.10 – Brno, CZ @ Bajkazyl
25.10 – Pilsen, CZ @ Pod Lampou
26.10 – Bamberg, DE @ Pizzini
27.10 – Mannheim, DE @ Wir Sind Die Toten Fest
29.10 – Norwich, UK @ The Rumsey Wells
30.10 – London, UK @ The Unicorn
31.10 – Glasgow, UK @ Bloc
01.11 – Leeds, UK @ CHUNK
02.11 – Rouen, FR @ Le 3 Pièces
03.11 – Strasbourg, FR @ Le Diamant D’or
04.11 – Karlsruhe, DE @ P8
05.11 – Frankfurt, DE @ Klapperfeld
06.11 – Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
07.11 – Aalborg, DK @ 1000fryd
08.11 – Oldenburg, DE @ MTS LP’s & CD’s
09.11 – Siegen, DE @ Vortex
10.11 – Rostock, DE @ Subset Fest
12.11 – Stockholm, SE @ Cyklopen


Navigation is released on Meta Matter Records on the 29th September and is available to pre-order here now – http://bit.ly/1T6EuF3