Four Year Strong release new Single

New England’s Four Year Strong, are back with their latest single, “Daddy of mine”.

This energetic and infectious tune perfectly encapsulates Four Year Strong’s signature style, sure to captivate fans and fuel their excitement. The song is out now via Pure Noise Records.

Since forming in 2001 in Worcester, Massachusetts, while the members were still in high school, Four Year Strong have carved out their own niche in the music community by merging the infectiousness of pop-punk with the aggression of hardcore and never shying away from breaking with creativity-limiting conventions. This is evident on the band’s most recent full-length Brain Pain(2020), a collection of songs that retains the qualities of the band that fans have grown to love while pushing forward the band’s effort to continually redefine their sound.

Latest single “Daddy Of Mine” sees Four Year Strong continuing down this path as they lean further into the band’s heavier influences, embracing sludgy guitar tones and incorporating brutal screams.

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Daddy of Mine is about writers block. We had it really bad when we started writing again, and we decided to combat it by writing something heavier and faster than we ever have.” Dan O’Connor, vocalist and guitarist, shares. He continues: “Overthinking was hurting us, so we just got out of our own way and stopped dwelling on our own expectations of ourselves.”