HOLY FAWN – Dimensional Bleed (Album Review)

Holy Fawn are back with their latest venture ‘Dimensional Bleed’, the follow-up to 2018’s Death Spells debut LP and 2020’s The Black Moon EP and it’s a masterclass in mixing shoegaze, black metal and ethereal soundscapes to create a record in which you can completely immerse yourself in.  Hexsewn immediately welcomes you into Holy Fawns world with a calm intro before giving way to layers upon layers of real shoegaze vibes along with some great vocals by Ryan Osterman. Death is a relief that brings some brutality to the fore, it’s reminiscent of deafheaven in parts but still entirely their own beast.  Empty Vials is another huge track as it pummels its way towards some climatic brutal screams and pounding drums with a lovely mix of electronic and digital atmospheric sounds included in the mix to great effect. The album consistently lulls you into a false sense of security before making you feel uneasy again at their command. 

The use of extra percussion and instrumentation really adds to the album too, noticeably so in Dimensional Bleed as it teases you in before giving way to a heavy slab of post metal horror and leading on from that to a mix of deftones and The Cure on Sightless, there’s almost an 80’s feel to Void of Light as it weaves its way around some gentle dynamics before their big black metal payoff. Trueloss is a relentlessly noisy affair which just soars and soars until you just about think you can’t take it any more and we’re back into their atmospheric little world for closer Blood Memory which has so much going on texturally that you just want to dive inside the music and let it take you over. 

Dimensional bleed races from the beautiful and serene to moments of ugly black metal but it all flows cohesively and you’ll find something new with each listen as the band have really managed to create something special and deserve to gain an even stronger following off the back of this record.

The band are currently on tour in the UK


September 26 Manchester, UK Deaf Institute
September 27 Glasgow, UK The Garage (Attic)
September 28 Nottingham, UK Bodega
September 29 Bristol, UK Exchange
September 30 London, UK 229