Interview : Aiming For Enrike

Norwegian mathrock duo Aiming for Enrike will be touring the UK for the first time this October, we caught up with them for a chat ahead of the tour

Hi Guys, can you introduce yourselves to our readers?
We are a guitar and drum duo from Oslo, Norway. Somebody once described us as progressive fuzz pop. Its still the same band, but we are now more suited for the dance floor.

Who are your influences?
Thats a lot! We like a lot of different music. Here are some names: Miles Davis, Josh Homme, James Brown, Nels Cline, Røyksopp, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Deerhoof, Hot Snakes, Wilco, Glen Branca, Mike Patton, Louis Cole, Fela Kuti, Todd Terje.

You guys have a massive sound for a two piece, Can you talk us through your writing process?
We write everything in the rehearsal room. We spend a lot of time jamming out ideas. Sometimes we have musical references that we try to imitate and put into our musical environment. That can be a feel, sound, structure, etc.
After we have made a sketch, we record it. Later we go through the bank of ideas and find the essence of what we like about a certain part, and make songs around that. Because of our limitations our music is very dogmatic, and that often put stuff in a certain direction. We spend a lot of time arranging the music to make the songs as solid as possible.

What gear can’t you live without?
Simens pedal board is very specific and the songs often needs those exact models to be played. So when airlines fuck up, we are in trouble 😉

This will be your first time in the UK, how do you feel about touring in new places and what are you expecting from the UK scene?
We are always exited about going to new places. Its kind of weird that we never played in the UK before. Its about time!
The UK scene is a good and important scene, so we expect to play cool shows, have a good time and hopefully meet a lot of nice people!

Whats the worst thing that’s ever happened on one of your tours?
We never had a really bad experience on a tour, but its been very stressful when the gear has not showed up.
And the best?
Fresh bonito sashimi in Japan.

What can people expect from your live shows?
Good times. Four on the floor.

Are there any places on the tour that you’re particularly excited about visiting?
I have never been to Edinburgh before. Heard its a beautiful city! London is always a cool town!

And Finally, What was the last record you bought?
Skillkillz (amazing japanese weird hip hop band)