Johnny Foreigner are back!!!

Johnny Foreigner are back with news of their sixth studio album ‘How To Be Hopeful’, and a surprise EP drop

‘How To Be Hopeful’  is set for release on 13th September via Alcopop Records, it’s preceded by a surprise companion EP ‘the sky and sea were part of me, or I was part of them’ which is out today.

A statement from the band reads:

“Feels like a huge privilege to release a loud righteous rock record about finding love and joy in the universe at a point where such things are in such universal short supply. This release is 28 months past deadline; our timing has always sucked. But honestly we’ve had little choice; How to be Hopeful is a pure product of chaos magic. It compelled us to be made, to harness returning ripples of stones long since thrown. It felt way too significant, too personal, too full of moments worth savouring and patterns playing out, to rush. Also, we are old and have real jobs now.

“It’s actually 2 matched parallel soundtracks, 1 per side, for a 12 month period where the worst, then the weirdest, then the best possible things happened. Same series of events, different ripples, chaos and consequence and everything connected This is our celebration record, our fell-in-love-and-stopped-worrying album, the glowing cathartic coda that we couldn’t help but channel. The least Johnny Foreigner of albums; nearly 3 years of obsessive planning and constructing, executive produced by 2007 anti-nostalgia us, and 2016 us who stopped being a band when we ran out of things worth singing about.

“Thru one of many strings of strange coincidence (magic) we were able to utilise our absolute -DREAM TEAM- of present day humans; Dominique James recorded at JT Soars, Bob Cooper produced and Machine mastered. Of course, this is an Alcopop! record, cosigned by our Japanese label Shore&Woods. じゃあ、またね !

“Release details to follow in time, but for now please meet “the sky and sea were part of me or I was part of them”; an introductory compilation comprising of 2 songs from the album proper, 3 exclusives produced by Evan Bernard, and assorted ancillary materiel / haunted piano.

“Those two album songs are “What The Alexei” which is both our first actual love song and a potentially libelous homage to the best sad single indieboy song that raised us, and “Orc Damage”, a grim recounting of corporate greed, collateral damage and the collapsing end of an era.

“Bedazzled, not blunted.”