KOYO Share New Single/Video “Anthem”

Long Island upstarts Koyo recently announced their debut full-length, Would You Miss It?, and they’re back with another early taste of the record, “Anthem.”

The fittingly titled “Anthem” provides another jolt of heavyweight guitars and earworm melodies–perfect for stage dives and singalongs at the band’s shows this summer.

Watch the “Anthem” music video HERE

Vocalist Joey Chiaramonte discussed the new song, saying: “I feel like so many of the bands we love had songs that celebrate the world they come from. Songs about finding music, hardcore, being inspired to create, those tangible moments that change your life when you’re young and just create an obsession with playing and going to shows. Anthem is our stab at adding to that greater catalog. Specifically, ‘Anthem’ is more than just addressing personal nostalgia, or coming of age show going experiences. It’s an open letter to everyone out there right now, listening, understanding what I mean and say in that song without having to be walked through it. If you understand it immediately, the song is written about you.”