Memory of Elephants – Beachballin’ Review


Six years in and one of Bristols finest math/noiserock bands Memory of Elephants have finally released their long awaited debut album “Beachballin” and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

If you’ve seen MOE live then you already know how intense their shows are and fans will be glad to know this intensity carries across on the album.

Opening track Psychological Extras lulls you into a false sense of security with its shoegaze vibes and walls of psychedelic guitars before launching into an epic 8 minute monster in the form of Teflon Wombat with its constant twists and turns, this is exactly the kind of thing you expect from the Bristol trio as it glides in an out of frantic riffs and proggy little intersections to keep you on your toes before really picking up the pace at the 2:20 mark and carrying into a gorgeous little section reminiscent of ASIWYFA getting in a brawl with My Bloody Valentine. 

 It’s an adventurous track which continually evolves before leading seamlessly into I just karate shit my pants which is just as relentless as its predecessor as it bounces along full of excitement and big hooks before again carrying on with the shoegaze theme which the band seem to have peppered throughout Beachballin. It’s a wild and unpredictable ride and the trio could go anywhere within these tracks.


Photo Credit : Simon Holliday

Sex in Sevens is possibly one of the bands most ambitious tracks to date with beautiful violins courtesy of Vince Martin appearing from the get go and bringing a more delicate sound to the bands arsenal along with some great bass lines from Shuff.Live favourite 000 is one of the albums stand out tracks too with Sam Simpson building the tension as he introduces the track before it launches into a full on aural assault full of squelches and crazy effects before again flowing effortlessly into Scrapsuit Mafia which is a short sharp little burst of MoE at their most obnoxious and exhilerating.

Herb is the toothpaste of the soul is another banger full of catchy guitar hooks from Toby Stewart which takes the listener on a journey full of soundscapes and finally giving way to the hectic chaos of closing track Tiles, You’re Dead.   Clocking in at just under 11 minutes this track is gonna stick in your ears for days as it dances around with temp changes and mood constantly.

Memory of Elephants have created a wonderful beast of an album here and we can’t wait to catch them live again soon.


Photo Credit: Simon Holliday


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