MNHM – Of Empires Past

Dutch noiserock band MNHM are back with their sophomore album titled ‘Of Empires Past,’ released on the 5th May on Consouling Sounds Records it sees MNHM (formerly Mannheim) return with a ferocious new sound which engages the listener from the get go as it launches in to an assault of pounding drums, sax and guitars. 

“Of Empires Past” continues to grow and evolve taking you on an intense journey through the minds of the quartet, the band have clearly refined their sound since their debut “Super Empowered” and really let these songs take shape and build organically taking in elements of post rock, jazz and metal while incorporating the Saxophone skils of Otto Kokkes to create a unique sound of their own which is instantly recognisable. Recorded in Belfast at Start Together studios with Rocky O’Reilly (ASIWYFA, Bear Makes Ninja, Mojo Fury) the production is perfect and really captures the sound of the band perfectly.

Equals of God” is equally punishing and joyous at the same time as it builds towards an almost apocalyptic but anthemic ending but this album isn’t about individual tracks, the whole album just flows and should be listened to as one piece to really appreciate what MNHM have tried to achieve. 

Reaching the half way point “How things end” is another section which really manages to grip you and will surely become a live favourite for fans as it pummels its way into your ears and continues to build relentlessly before tailing off into “Rule of law” which is as big and meaty as you’ve come to expect at this point but still delivers some beautiful moments of intensity. “Enforce/Embrace” delivers some or the more laid back grooves which keep you engaged and curious as to whats coming next and then out of nowhere the album finishes with the slow building tension of “Coronation” and immediately you just want to listen to it all over again, and you should.

“Of empires Past” is a very focused album and will surely gain a lot more fans for the band and i’m certainly keen to hear what they do next and can’t wait to witness this live again!

Check out “Of Empires Past” now here….