October Gigs

October is here and it’s a hectic one for Buttonpusher, here’s a list of the shows we’re putting on or getting involved with…

9th OctoberHockley Hustle at The Lofthouse with Living Body, Body Hound, Memory of Elephants, Irk, Cheap Jazz, Goddesses, Pre-Birds,LeChuck, THEM ARE THEY


20th October VASA, Bearfoot Beware and a-tota-so at The Chameleon Arts Cafe

23rd OctoberChris Staples, Luo, Sœur and THEM ARE THEY Co-promo with The Hairy Dog 


24th OctoberDon Vito / Diakiri / LCDP / Pre Birds 24th Oct at JT SOAR(Co-promo with Coffeebeat/JT Soar)

28th OctoberIlenkus, wiremother, KAINOAH & DEAD HANDS at JT Soar