Ogives Big Band – Boisterous Love (Review)

Ogives Big Band (pronounced O-JIVES) defy convention in the alternative music scene, effortlessly blending doom, prog, psychedelic stoner rock, jazz, and whatever else takes their fancy. Hailing from Bristol these larger-than-life characters mean business and show no signs of holding back on ‘Boisterous Love’ which is released on Stolen Body Records on the 3rd July.

“Super Sanity” hits hard and fast, invading your space and commanding attention with Steve Roberts at the helm. The guitars shimmer with subtle effects and dive into intricate time signatures, delivering a raw, gritty experience that’s impossible not to get swept up in. “Chronic Thuggery” continues the onslaught but also reveals a softer side, punctuating moments of beauty amidst the chaos, adding depth to the album’s narrative.

“There is a running theme of heroes, and the death of what you assumed were worthy goals in life being falsehoods as you mature. The title ‘Boisterous Love’ is encapsulated in the album artwork; we have mischievous otherworldly elements bestowing their love and grace upon worldly elements that have suffered the rages of time and experience. It’s also taken on a meaning of childhood idolatry and adoration for heroes.” 

Steve Roberts

“Brandishment” kicks off with a playful percussive duel between the drums and bass, until Roberts takes charge, delivering his trademark lyrical punches. Elements of thrash inject energy into the track, but it’s the band’s eccentric flair and some absolutely chaotic drumming by Oli Cocup that truly shines, seamlessly navigating between chaos and beauty in a journey that spans just under seven minutes but delves deep into their crazy artistic minds.

“Annihilation” is dissonant and unsettling, drawing listeners in with its anticipation of resolution. While it’s more of a return to Ogives original incarnation when it was just a solo project from Harris it could easily find a place in Earth’s extensive back catalogue, but the true highlight arrives with “Absolute Unit” the album’s closer. This track stands out with its offbeat charm, featuring relentless guitar work from Harris and Steve’s distinctive growls leading a jazz-infused escapade. Unexpected trumpets and erratic time signatures propelling you through a wild, exhilarating adventure. Ogives are here to leave a mark, and they do so with unapologetic force!


2024 UK Tour Dates:

23rd July – Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s
24th July – Glasgow, BLOC+
25th July – Manchester, The Deaf Institute
26th July – Bristol, Rough Trade
27th July – Nottingham, The Tap and Tumbler       
31th July – London, The Black Heart
1st August – Cardiff, The Moon
2nd August – Plymouth, The Junction