Orchards are back with ‘Sweetie Pie’

Brighton’s math-pop sensations Orchards are back with their irresistibly catchy new single, “Sweetie Pie” released via the excellent Big Scary Monsters. This track highlights their unique blend of intricate instrumentation and infectious melodies. Paired with a visually stunning video by Three Bros Media ‘Sweetie Pie’ is a delightful treat which fans of the band will embrace with open arms.

With ‘Sweetie Pie’ Orchards are once again pushing the boundaries of their musical and emotional expression with sickly sweet vocal melodies from Lucy Evers and reverberated, jangly guitars from Sam Rushton that feel warm and welcoming, yet tinged with an air of bitterness.

This summer, they’re set to enchant audiences at Truck Festival, and ArcTanGent, delivering dynamic performances filled with fresh tracks and fan favourites that promise to be as heartfelt as their music.

Sweetie Pie was quite an old demo we have been playing around with for a while now, we had a version of it that we took to Jack and we really changed it up a lot and we love how it’s taken on a totally new personality.” says bassist Dan Fane. “During the time we recorded this one we were listening to a lot of Darwin Deez and Avril Lavigne and I think it really shows. This one is going to be fun live!”