Pijn – “From Low Beams of Hope” REVIEW

Post-rock collective Pijn are back with a breathtaking 45-minute opus titled “From Low Beams of Hope“. It’s released on 28th June on their own label, Floodlit Recordings.

Fans of post-rock legends like A Silver Mt. Zion and Russian Circles are in for a treat, as this album delivers a truly expansive and immersive journey, showcasing a new dimension of Pijn’s artistry.

The journey begins with “Our Endless Hours” a piece that starts as a poetic musing and morphs into a tension-laden opener. Slowly building drums, violins, cellos, and ethereal vocal harmonies set the stage, only to eventually all break down to the bass, only to be blown wide open again by some killer sax work from Ed Bottomley before coming full circle with more delicate arrangements from Cellist, Maggie Lister and Violinist, Claire Northey sweeping in and carrying through to “Carved Expanse” demanding this opus be heard as one continuous, epic piece. The bands knack for balancing their signature heaviness with bold new avant-garde musical landscapes shines throughout and it’s full of little twists and turns keeping you constantly engaged.

Prepare for moments of pure musical surrender, as the album invites you on a deeply introspective voyage with recent single “On the Far Side of the Morning” roaring with majestic power, driving the album forward with full force. Guitarist Joe Clayton’s production is top-notch throughout and it shines on “A Thousand Tired Lives” where the guitar work weaves and sways and becomes almost slint like yet entwined with playfully intricate and experimental usage of the strings and sax with an underlying bass groove that constantly pulls you deeper and deeper into Pijn’s world.

This album is an emotional rollercoaster, surging through peaks of joy and valleys of despair, gripping you tightly and leaving you wanting to take the ride again as soon as it ends.

Catch Pijn live: 

Jul 13: UK, Nottingham – Mangata Festival 
Oct 26: NL, Maastricht – Samhain Festival 
Nov 2: UK, Manchester – Damnation Festival

Pijn online: Official Website