REVIEW: Body Hound – No Moon

After 5 long years heavy prog rockers Body Hound have finally released their long awaited epic “No Moon” and right from the get go it drags you in to their creative vision, Opener Stargazer ushers you gently into the frantic beginnings of Spectrum and it’s absolutely glorious. Standing majestic and proud Body Hound know how to make an impact with Calvin and Joseph’s guitar lines weaving in and out around a solid rythym section from Drummer Ryan Bright who keeps everything in check while the rest of the band show off the musical dexterity, it’s indulgent but its fucking great.

Second bend brings some awesome grooves which will be sure to get heads nodding in a live setting which is where Body Hound excel – pounding bass lines from Joseph Thorpe complimenting each carefully precise note. The album is full of little interludes which are a nice extra touch to what would have been an amazing album anyway, Red Statis brings a more electronic vibe before leading into the more relaxed Black Palace with its delicate guitar lines bobbing along before getting all dirty and in your face again, prog rock at it’s finest and that’s just the halfway point.

Recorded by Tom Peters of Alpha male Tea Party, who has done an incredible job on the production, It’s an album to really sit back and lap up with your headphones on and let each twist and turn take you on the journey this talented bunch have created for you.

No Moon is released this Friday and available to pre-order now.