Review : Talons – We All Know

Hereford’s instrumental post-rock sextet Talons have returned with their third album “We All Know” which was released on 27th July via Holy Roar Records. It’s darker and broodier than anything they’ve released before as opener “The drowning”  sets the tone with its apocalyptic buildups before leading into On Levels showing just a hint of Russian Circles to it. 

The use of the dual violins is always what has set Talons apart from the crowd, taking conventional post rock ideas and putting their own end of the world style spin on it, Talons create a beautiful soundscape full of tension which leaves you on the edge throughout and this all just adds to the beauty of this album.

“Movement on Seven” feels like an anxiety attack waiting to happen as it creeps around your ears with it’s haunting strings and increasing heartbeat like drum beats in the background. Southern Shade” is the calm before the storm with its ethereal guitars and plucked strings as they lead the way into a doomier track called “Over and Again” which unfortunately doesn’t really do much and finds the band recycle the same idea for the duration of the song.

It’s Quiet that really knocks the album up a notch though, it’s noticeably the most frantic track on the album with its long guitar build-ups and continually building wall of sound before trailing off into the ether and bringing the album to a close.

Overall “We all know” shows a mature sound from Talons and fans of the band won’t be disappointed. It’s definitely one to sit in a dark room with your headphones in and enjoy the stand out performances from the violins which really make this album stand out. Just turn it up LOUD and enjoy!!!!