Slash Fiction – We’ll Hold This Line Until Hell Freezes Over (REVIEW)

Slash Fiction have been pinging on my radar for a little while now, so I was very happy when their second LP We’ll Hold This Line Until Hell Freezes Over dropped into my inbox a few weeks ago. Building on 2021’s Gender, Trauma & Friendship, this album is a cathartic journey touching on infatuation, despair and unity. 

Slash Fiction Bistro, today’s special: A prime cut of shouty 2010’s UK punk (anyone remember Gnarwolves?), lightly fried it in old school emo and served with a sprinkling of twinkly, jangly guitar work.

The transition from the (first half of the) title track into second song Ashes grooves hard, mirroring the staunch lyrical defiance of the former with the thrashy energy of the latter.

Lead single Catastrophising brings in the twinkly guitars and an anthemic chorus that you will find yourself humming in the shower after a couple of listens and screaming it in the shower after a few more. “Cos if all it takes to shut out the noise is a can of Red Stripe in a basement… then I guess I’m alright” I haven’t related to a lyric harder in a long while.

Slash Fiction have three vocalists and put them all to good use, coming in to refresh the listener at just the right time throughout the tracklist. It can be a hard thing to balance and many bands get it wrong, but I think they’ve weaved their way through the minefield here. The lead vocal switches just enough times, and the layered singing comes in at just the right moments to get your brain tingling.

Sometimes the keys shine through, conjuring up The Get Up Kids vibes. Sometimes we get midwest emo guitars that make me want to actually stick to a practice routine. Always, we get solid songwriting and catchy melodies.

All of these songs were recorded with Owen Claxton at Top Floor Audio Works in Sheffield and I must say they’ve done a smashing job. The songs feel tight and, at the risk of angering the late great Steve Albini, warm. No really they are – WHTLUHFO is a cozy listen, its best moments had me yearning for peaceful autumn nights and we haven’t even hit summer yet. 

We’ll Hold This Line Until Hell Freezes Over by South Yorkshire’s Slash Fiction is out now! I highly recommend giving it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.


Review by Sam Christelow