Sugar Horse – Office Job Simulator

Bristol Noisemakers Sugar Horse are back with another new song from their upcoming LP The Grand Scheme of Things which seamlessly blends dissonance and melody in their now trademark style.

The album is set for release on Pelagic Records on 4th October 2024 and is available to PRE-ORDER HERE

Check out the video for ‘Office Job Simulator” below

Vocalist / guitarist Ashley Tubb commented on the single: “Now people that know me definitely wouldn’t describe me as a supporter of the British monarchy….however…a few months after the death of my father, The Queen died. First of all I wasn’t bothered by this…then after about two straight days of non-stop press coverage it started really getting to me. Why does this random woman deserve weeks of non-stop press coverage and faux-outpourings of 3rd hand grief, when regular everyday people (like my dad) are more or less ignored. Life carries on as if nothing has happened. It’s kind of disgusting to me in a way. The imbalance of power. Think of this as our comrades call to arms.”

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