The Cookie Jar Complot UK Tour and Interview

Mark your calendars for the 31st May as we prepare to welcome The Cookie Jar Complot, a Luxembourg-based instrumental math/post-rock outfit, to a freshly refurbished JT Soar in Nottingham. Sharing the spotlight with them will be Masquerader and Mount Forel.

Ahead of their debut UK tour, we sat down with The Cookie Jar Complot to find out more about the band and what audiences can expect.

Can you please introduce yourselves and tell us when did you start playing together and how did you all meet each other?

We are The Cookie Jar Complot. A Luxembourgish instrumental math post rock band. We first got together in a rehearsal room at the beginning of 2021 and played our first show at the Congé Annulés festival in Luxembourg shortly after in summer 21. We have actually known each other since our secondary school and after working on individual songs over the years, we started working intensively on new material in 2020.

What are the main musical influences across the band?

We both listened to a lot of alternative indie rock when we were young. But with age it has become more diverse and nowadays there is very little we are closed to. One of our main influences and what gave us the courage to make instrumental music are bands like And So I Watch You From Afar and our local heroes Mutiny on the bounty.

Is this going to be your first time in the UK? If so what are you most excited about?

Yes we are on tour in the UK for the first time. I think we’re all already looking forward to the English concertgoers. We’ve sometimes had some in our audiences and the experience has always been very positive. Also the sockets and the left-hand traffic, Philipp can’t wait.

What are your tour essentials when you hit the road?

Even if it sounds very cheesy, a good mood is important. If the mood is right, we can have a lot of fun even with very little. On the material side, I think it’s more boring. A good power bank, a portable music box and something to read.

Any crazy tour stories you can share with us?

We were on our way to Cologne in two cars. When we arrived in front of the venue, Sven called that he had just had an accident with his car against a truck. He managed to drive it to Cologne and we were able to play the show, but the car had to be towed away in Cologne afterwards.

What can people expect from a Cookie Jar Complot show?

Three very sweaty guys, some more or less funny jokes, a high level of decibels and a lot of energy.

How is the music scene in Luxembourg and are there any bands you think we should be checking out?

The Luxembourg music scene may be small, but the quality is very good. The whole scene has matured very well, especially in the last 10 years. One of our export hits is “Francis Of Delirium”, but since they’ve already been in Pitchfork magazine and the NME, I don’t think they’re such an insider tip anymore. If we take a slightly smaller band then “No Metal In This Battle”. Highly recommended for instrumental music lovers.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

There is a lot. But if we could prioritize one thing, it would be that the whole thing should become less financially oriented.

What’s next for you guys?

We still have at least one single coming out this year and when we get back from the tour we’ll be full steam ahead with writing a new record.

Any final words of wisdom you’d care to share?

If you run over a pigeon, at least make sure to support her family financially afterwards.