THE NONE –  Pigs Need Feeding | Live

Back in February, we hosted one of the debut gigs for a new UK noise rock band, THE NONE. The mysterious outfit had zero online presence, no music released and scant details available, save for the fact that they featured members from Blue Ruth, Cassels, Bloc Party, and Frauds. Despite the lack of information, a full house showed up, and THE NONE delivered a blistering set that left the crowd buzzing. After their ferocious performance, they vanished, leaving only a handful of tour t-shirts in their wake.

Today, THE NONE have finally dropped some music—a fierce live session of their track “Pigs Need Feeding” which was recorded and mixed by Tom Hill at The Bookhouse. The release captures the raw, unfiltered energy of their live show, offering a taste of the havoc they wreaked that night and hinting at the seismic impact they’re poised to make on the noise rock scene.

“The track “Pigs need feeding” is taken from their upcoming debut EP ‘MATTER’ which is available to pre-order HERE