Founded in Vienna, Austria during 2014 (and releasing their debut album ‘In Touch’ in the same year), the instrumental progressive metal outfit Their Dogs Were Astronauts is formed of a duo of charismatic brothers, Denis and Leonard Roth. Merging groove-laden prog with flavours of electronic influence, the pair’s music wraps ear-pleasing melodies around an array of jagged, foot-tapping riffs-all laid out on 7-and 8-string guitars.

Embarking on an aural adventure to explore the possibilities that extended-range instruments have to offer, Their Dogs Were Astronauts followed their debut full-length with 2015’s ‘Earthkeeper’ and–in a remarkable show of determination- ‘Mystery: Diary’ just one year later. Bedding the Roth brothers an enviable reputation, Their Dogs Were Astronauts have shown that they can meet the ever-increasing demand for new music in a fast-paced, modern music industry…without sacrificing quality and depth.

Citing influences from a broad spectrum of styles and genres from classical (Peer Gynt, John Williams) and jazz/fusion (Cory Henry, Tribal Tech) to prominent modern acts such as ‘Animals As Leaders’, ‘TesseracT’ and ‘Periphery’, Their Dogs Were Astronauts have proven to be an unstoppable force of creativity when it comes to refining the ever-changing shape of genre-hopping sound. Djent Mag has commented on the band’s “masterly crafted and beautiful” sound, while celebrates the “experimental, progressive, and fresh takes on what can sometimes be a stale and repetitive sound”.

Despite being relative newcomers to the live scene, Their Dogs Were Astronauts seek to emulate their full studio sound on stage without the assistance of session musicians. Taking to Cologne’s Euroblast Festival in 2018, Their Dogs Were Astronauts offer a fresh, untapped and untamed perspective on the concept of a live music performance that awaits audiences across the world.

With five full-length studio albums and five EP releases behind them, Their Dogs Were Astronauts will return with a forthcoming full-length studio album that follows on from 2020’s’Dreamcatcher’ LP. Offering a fresh banquet of songs that promise to explore a provocative spread flavoured with surrealism and fantasy.

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