UNDERSTAND – Much loved UK hardcore band ready the release of their new, hugely long awaited album ‘Real Food At Last’, on April 7th through Rise Records

Following their break up in 1999, much loved and seminal alternative UK hardcore band UNDERSTAND are now back, and finally set to release a brand new album ‘Real Food At Last’ – a collection of unreleased recordings from 1998 – on April 7th via Rise Records. The journey from the original writing and recording sessions to this moment is quite something, and very much goes hand in hand with this brilliant release.

“Around the beginning of ‘96, once our relationship with East/West records had dissolved” explains vocalist Dom Anderson, “We were still writing & recording demo’s as we had a lot of promises from other labels to sign the band. John (Hannon, guitars), Rob (Coleman, guitars) & I had all dabbled in recording & producing with some other bands in the scene, so after some advice and guidance from Chris Sheldon (who produced the “Burning Bushes…” album) we rented a bunch of decent microphones & a second ADAT machine to link with ours and set about recording the ten songs we had settled on from recent demo & writing sessions at what was then “Mushroom Studios” – basically a shed on a Mushroom Farm in Hullbridge, Essex.”

The band was known in the 90’s as a shaper of the modern hardcore sound, having played Reading & Leeds Festival, and toured with the likes of Shelter, Helmet, Civ, and more. Formed in Southend, Essex, England, in 1992, UNDERSTAND are Dom Anderson (vocals), John Hannon (guitar), Rob Coleman (guitar), Stuart Quinnell (bass) and Andy Shepherd (drums). They released self-titled EP was recorded with Don Fury (Quicksand, Sick Of It All, GG Allin) back in 1994, and then their much acclaimed but very much underground classic debut album for East West Records, ‘Burning Bushes And Burning Bridges’. Produced by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Pixies), this truly became one of those records that people who found it, loved and adored it, and it has since grown to an almost god like cult status.